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Should You Be Worried If Your Joints Crack All the Time

Q: I'm only 34 years old, yet my joints are already deteriorating. Is this a warning sign? Be Worried If Your Joints Crack All the Time

A: You don’t need to be concerned as long as the sound isn’t accompanied by any pain or Be Worried If Your Joints Crack All the Time swelling. Gas bubbles bursting inside the fluid surrounding the joint, or ligaments and tendons stretching and releasing, could cause popping or cracking noises. Do you sense it more when you move the joint repeatedly (for example, when performing shoulder presses at the gym)? A tight muscle or tendon moving over a bony structure can also produce a gentle snapping or clicking sound. Try some mild stretching that includes the joint and surrounding muscles to help quiet the cracking.

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Have you ever suffered an injury to the joint? The joint may pop when you move it if a ligament heals poorly. Be Worried If Your Joints Crack All the Time

Although you are still young , keep in mind that as you get older, some of the cartilage in your joints may wear away, causing noise. However, if you have any joint pain, you should consult your doctor. It’s possible that you have a ligament or arthritic injury that needs to be looked into.

Although creaking and snapping joints might be bothersome, orthopaedic specialist Kim L. Stearns, MD, says they are usually not cause for concern. He says, “It’s a typical, common event.” However, if the cracking occurs frequently and is accompanied by discomfort or swelling, something is amiss.

Normal fluid and gas in your joints, rubbing of bone or cartilage in your joints against each other, and motions of your tendons and ligaments can all cause your joints to pop. While this rarely causes discomfort, it might be disturbing if it happens frequently or in a large amount.

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