Can You Lose Weight with Kettlebells?

Can You Lose Weight with Kettlebells

Losing weight and staying fit is not something that happens overnight. It requires discipline, effort, commitment, and consistency. Often times, people will make the mistake of dieting for a week in hopes of seeing long-lasting results. Or, they will turn to the same old workout they have always done. Maybe they lose weight, and maybe they don’t. If they don’t, then they wonder why? The answer is to mix it up a bit with different workouts, level up on the intensity in a gradual manner and combine exercise and healthy eating habits for long-lasting results.

Losing Weight 101

The biggest mistake people make when they decide to lose weight is they try to eat less or skip meals, or they don’t drink enough water. Eating less or skipping breakfast, for example, could sometimes have the opposite effect. Meanwhile, eating full meals or smaller meals more frequently during the day keeps our bodies fueled to have the necessary energy to work out. It keeps our metabolism strong and running efficiently, therefore helping us get on the road to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Meanwhile, drinking more water throughout the day can definitely help one lose weight. It not only helps you cut back on sugary drinks and unnecessary calories, but it also helps you burn more calories. It has often been suggested to have some water when you feel a little hungry, as sometimes it could actually be thirst and not hunger that you are feeling. The benefits of drinking water are plenty, therefore drink up!


Before we get into the actual workouts, it is important that you understand just how essential your kitchen is in combination with the gym. The two go hand in hand. The food you eat is the fuel you use during a workout, and in order to see effective results, you have to combine healthy eating with efficient workouts. One of our tips for establishing and maintaining healthy eating habits is prepping meals ahead of time. It will not only help you save money from buying lunch, but it will also help you stay away from unhealthy foods when hungry.

Working Out

What a Perfectly Balanced Week of Workouts Looks Like
Achieve your results and maintain them by staying consistent with your healthy habits.

When you decide you want to lose weight, ensure that you understand nutrition first for long-term success. We mentioned above the importance of eating habits, and now we can step into the fitness part. Furthermore, most people assume that running or riding a bicycle is the only way to lose weight. In addition, a majority also thinks that adding weights into your workouts will build muscle and would suddenly make you bigger. This could not be farther from the truth. It is true that weight workouts add muscle, but in order to bulk up, you also need to be eating an excess of protein as well. Therefore, adding weights here and there when working out while eating healthy will help build lean muscle which will in return burn more calories.

Higher intensity workouts with intervals will prevent your body from getting used to the exercises. It also helps you avoid hitting a plateau. What is a plateau? It is a stage you enter when your body gets used to the same workout to the point that it does nothing for it anymore. The same activity will provide little to no progress, therefore hitting a flat line of no improvement. Keeping it mixed up and focusing on interval workouts where you go from low intensity to high intensity every few minutes keeps your body guessing and adjusting, and as a result, improving.


green, blue, and pink kettlebells
A kettlebell workout will help you get strong and lean, if done correctly.

Finally, we get to the good stuff! Kettlebells have become a very popular and effective piece of gym equipment. Any type of equipment such as free weights or kettlebells will add resistance to your workouts. Moreover, adding resistance to a workout causes your body to overcome this challenge and therefore get stronger. As a result, burning more calories quicker. Working out with kettlebells helps you strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and abs. It also brings your body to a plyometric stage where your muscles apply a maximum amount of force through short and fast intervals, which in the end helps increase power. On average, a solid one-hour workout with kettlebells can burn up to 600 calories.

While working out with kettlebells is a great way to lose weight and an efficient one as well, it’s important to be smart with it. Educate yourself before anything so that you avoid injury and learn how to use kettlebell to achieve your fitness goals. We recommend starting out gradually, and with the weight that works for you. As your muscles and body get stronger, you can slowly increase the weight.

Grow Your Fitness

fitness facts exercising regularly
Find a workout you love and enjoy doing. Only then will you be able to succeed in your fitness goals.

In order to get stronger and leaner, you must have a nutrition plan in combination with your kettlebell workout. The better you maintain this path towards your fitness goal and the more discipline you show in both the kitchen and the gym, the more efficient and quicker your results will be. Our tip is to also discuss the workout with a professional or at least with someone with more experience.With a solid start and consistency, you will reach your fitness goals in no time.

In order to successfully lose weight and maintain your ideal figure, it is important to keep going. In addition, you also need to want to do it. Forcing yourself to go to the gym will have no effect. Another tip to take from this is to find a workout that works for you and that you enjoy doing. A workout you like will keep you going to the gym, and you will have the motivation and energy for it. Therefore, try a few different things until you find what works for you.


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