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The official wiki for Reddit’s r/Fitness and r/weightroom is TheFitness.Wiki. Its objective is to offer a reliable central location for knowledge and guidance on accomplishing fitness objectives, collated and arranged from the best threads and suggestions from both communities.

Physical fitness refers to a state of health and wellbeing and, more particularly, the capacity to engage in certain activities related to sports, jobs, and daily living. Physical fitness is often attained by healthy eating, moderate to vigorous exercise, adequate rest, and a formal recovery plan. [3]

Fitness was once understood to be the ability to complete the day’s tasks without becoming overly exhausted or lethargic. The ability of the body to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases, to improve the immune system, and to respond to emergency situations is now considered to be measured by physical fitness due to automation and changes in lifestyle.

The characteristic or state of being physically fit and healthy is referred to as fitness. [5] Around 1950, the word “fitness” grew in use in Western slang by a factor of 10, possibly in response to the Industrial Revolution and the aftermath of World War II. [6] The modern definition of fitness refers to a person’s or a machine’s capacity to carry out a particular task or, more broadly, to a person’s capacity to adapt to diverse environments. Due to the interaction between physical beauty and human fitness, the global fitness and fitness equipment sectors have been stimulated. People with significant aerobic or anaerobic ability are considered fit in terms of specialised function (i.e., endurance or strength). bollywood actors fitness