Here’s What a Perfectly Balanced Week of Workouts Looks Like

What a Perfectly Balanced Week of Workouts Looks Like

Hurry, exhaustion, stress. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course, it does! That is exactly how most people live nowadays. Everyday lives have changed a lot from what they used to be thirty or forty years ago. Wherever you go, whatever you do, these days can easily turn into small chaos, if you just let it be. However, in the whole mess we meet every single step of the way, there is one getaway that can help us cope with this fast, robotic and sometimes overwhelming world. Yes, you guess it right! Training and physical exercises are the way outs. In order to help you organize your time and plan a better lifestyle, here are some tips and tricks of what a perfectly balanced week of workouts should look like.

Plan your time – make a perfect balance

How to keep your body and soul in a perfect balance? That is a question almost everyone has thought about, at least once in a while. Most people have too many things to do on a daily basis, and they sometimes forget what the word balance means at all. What they forget ever more often is how much exactly physical strength and stability can help them overcome everyday tasks. It is scientifically proven that physical workouts release all the spare energy and strength, that can burden the everyday routines. Thus, when making a perfect weekly plan everyone should take some time and find a physical activity that will not only relax the body but also put thoughts in order in the first place.

A calendar on a wooden table for marking out workout routine
A good plan is half of the work done

 Don’t find time to workout, CREATE time to workout!

The most common excuse for avoiding regular training is not having enough time. Even worse is the habit of putting off the workout starting day, and leaving it for eternally far tomorrow.  It is true that life is a complete rush these days. But everyone needs some rest. And you may not exactly believe it at once, but the best way to get some rest is actually to do some sport or take some exercise. Every physical activity prompts the feeling of relief and decreases the level of stress.  Therefore the best way to start planning your perfectly balanced week of workouts is to make time to do exercises, not to find it by chance.

What should your perfect workout week look like?- useful tips

  • Do some strength trainings
  • Cardio is also very important
  • Include the rest days

Always important: strength training

If you sometimes feel weak, or like you are not able to lift anything heavier than a spoon, no worries. Your muscles just need some more exercise. The human body is constructed of a skeleton of bones and groups of muscles that hold the body upright with every move we make. What we usually don’t think about is that if our body feels weak, it may be because our muscles and bones are not in the appropriate shape and condition.

The idea of including muscular fitness into our usual physical activity goes for strengthening the main muscle groups and thus providing the needed support to our bones. Furthermore, while training our muscles, we will accordingly have much success when trying to lose weight in no time. So, you will kill two birds with one stone, isn’t that great? Just remember, when it comes to making a perfectly balanced week of workouts, these types of exercises should be included at least two times a week.

Man lifting weights - perfect weekly workout
Muscular workouts better our readiness for daily tasks

Create a perfect cardio day

Yes, muscles are something that we would all like to keep in good shape. But what about some things that are not seen so explicitly? Our heart, for example, is the major predisposition for the good state of our bodies. So we need to mention cardio training. During this type of training, our muscles are constantly contracting and thus rapidly increasing the pace of our heartbeats. Exercising in this way keeps the heart healthy and decreases the possibility of any kind of disease. Apart from protecting and strengthening our heart, cardio exercises lessen the stress levels, and also reduce belly fat with ease. As for this, it is recommended to spend at least 150 minutes doing a cardio workout a week.

a woman running with the sun setting behind ker and an overall orange glow
Cardio exercises are very important for keeping our hearts in a good condition

Everyone needs a rest day

Of course, we are supposed to be persistent while working out, and we should follow a well-organized plan accordingly. But, we must also pay attention not to overdo it.  You may not have been aware of this, but a rest day is as important as exercising. While working out our body goes through a certain kind of stress. Although it is not harmful to our bodies, continuous stress of this kind may lead to exhaustion. Therefore if you want to exercise properly, and to have good results, allow your body some spare time to recover after training. Most of the experts advise this recovery period to last for at least 48 hours after the workout. During these rest periods you can do stretch activities to improve your body’s flexibility. However, remember that some stretching is highly recommended after every training, as well.

We are the owners of your lives. Thus, only we can decide what sort of life we want to have. But no matter what way we go for, almost everyone strives towards a good and healthy state of body and mind. When we think that way, the first step towards good health definitely includes physical exercise. And then, if the old Latin phrase is true, we get ‘mens sana in corpore sano’. So prepare your panners, go once again through our tips of what a perfectly balanced week of workouts should look like, and do your best to go beyond your limits.



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