How To Pack and Move Your Gym Equipment Like a Pro

moving Exercise equipment

There are many benefits to having a home gym! With the advent of technology, personal trainers have become a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can simply go online, get some very useful videos as well as home gym equipment – and make your own gym in the comfort of your own home! This is not a luxury anymore, but it is still pretty amazing! However, this will last only until the time that you need to move your home. Then, you start realizing just how difficult – and even dangerous – trying to pack and move your gym equipment can be without proper knowledge. But worry not – we have some tips that will help you do this like a pro!

First, clean up everything carefully!

Moving can be a pretty stressful time – but your health should never take a back seat. This is why it is extremely important that you clean up and sanitize all your gym equipment before you pack and move it. In the truck, all your things are together. That’s how bacteria can easily get from your yoga mat to your bed. So, by cleaning everything beforehand, you will stop any germs from moving along with you!

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Clean all your gym equipment carefully

Luckily, the process is simple. For yoga mats and similar smaller items, you can get an all-purpose cleaner or a spray solution and some paper towels. Carefully wipe everything and you will be ready to go! The same can be said of the bigger equipment. All you need here are some wet wipes for your handrails and surfaces. Finally, your towels and gym clothes can go into your washing machine, and then you will be ready to pack and move them!

Pack and move smaller gym items

Now that everything is clean, it is time to start packing up your equipment. Usually, the easiest thing will be to start with the small items and equipment and then move on to the bikes and treadmills.

An important thing to note here is that you need to be careful with the moving boxes! You might be tempted to get a couple of big ones and put everything there. But no matter how much you can lift – lifting a box full of weights, yoga mats, and all the accessories will just be trouble on moving day. Instead, grab a multitude of boxes. The smallest ones you will use for weights and similar heavy items, and the bigger ones you can use for mats and other lighter equipment.

Rolled up green yoga mat
Roll up the yoga mat to keep it clean and safe.

To secure your yoga mats, you will want to roll them up tightly and put the carrying strap on. Then, deposit it into the box. This way, you will keep it clean during the move, but you will also use it as a buffer for other things inside the box. Of course, just make sure that the box is big enough!

When it comes to the hand weights and dumbbells, you will want to make sure that the boxes you have are extra sturdy. You know just how heavy these items can get and you do not want the bottom of the box to fall out during travel. Other than that, try to distribute the weight as much as you can. If you can’t find a good cardboard box, go for plastic ones! They should be able to handle the weight of your dumbbells. Finally, no matter which box you use, make sure you use a lot of padding as a buffer between the weights. This way, they won’t hit each other – or the box – during their trip!

How to pack and move bigger gym equipment

The hardest part of having to move your home gym will be your electrical equipment. Just like with the smaller equipment, you will want to wipe everything down and unplug it. It’s important to disconnect all wires from the wall and sort them out on time. Put them in Ziploc bags and mark them with the name of the machine you took it from. Trust us – moving can be messy, and you do not want to lose or mix these up!

An important thing to remember here is that you will need help to pack and move your gym equipment. Not doing it properly can lead to damages, and these can be pretty expensive and hard to fix. This is why you should get professional movers like Miami Movers for Less to help you. With them, you will move with ease and stress-free!

a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationary bike
Moving the bigger equipment will require some more work!

Moving your treadmill

For example, when you need to move your treadmill, you need to fold it up and lock it in the upright position. Then, you should wrap it up in the moving blankets to ensure its protection. After that, the times come to lift – and that’s where trouble can start. This is why you should also consider getting a moving dolly to help you get the treadmill onto the moving truck.

How to move your elliptical

The same goes for your elliptical – but it can get even harder! Unlike the treadmill, it doesn’t fold up, and it is also bulky. So, consider disassembling its hardware. Just take the pedals and handlebars apart from the base and secure the nuts and bolts in a similar way as we described with the cables. This way, the elliptical will be easier to move around the house – but don’t forget to protect it with the moving blankets!

Time to move your stationary bike

Finally, the stationary bike. This piece of equipment has become quite popular, and you can probably find it in most home gyms. Luckily, moving it will not be as difficult as the previous two! What you need to think about here are the floors and how to protect them. Simply put furniture sliders, cardboard or towels under the bike, and slide it around on them. This is easy enough, and the only trouble you will have is getting it up on the truck!


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