The Best Home Gym Equipment

the best home gym equipment

While many people prefer going to the gym over working out at home, the advantages of having your own home gym are manifold. Instead of having to take the time to go someplace else and perhaps even drag your workout gear with you, you’ll have a conveniently located space where you can work out anytime. What’s more, you’ll also save a lot of money. Yes, you’ll have to spend some money initially on the best home gym equipment, but in the long run, not having to pay the gym membership fees will pay off financially. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on to learn what’s the best home gym equipment to shop for.

1. Treadmill

Let us begin with a treadmill, one of the staples of cardio training. When you’re doing cardiovascular fitness, you always have to be “in the zone”. Half-baked gear, thus, won’t work, so finding a high-quality treadmill is very important. A good fast-runner will allow you to train without making the training needlessly frustrating. 

A person on a treadmill
Treadmills are an essential part of practically any best home gym equipment collection.

What makes for a good treadmill? Buyers will certainly appreciate workouts that are pre-programmed into the treadmill. The makers of best fast-runners always consult with fitness experts to help them design these workouts. This means that you’ll be getting the same instructions, even though the trainers won’t actually be there with you.

What’s more, something called a “digital incline adjustment system” should also be included. With this system, as much as 10 percent of incline is allowed to shift, which in turn targets only the muscle groups you need to develop, giving you more control over your training regime. And finally, as an added extra, the best treadmills also come with an MP3 player dock that’s built into the treadmill.

2. Punching bags

When someone says “home gym equipment”, apart from treadmills, the first thing that comes to mind is punching bags. A beautiful thing about punching bags is that they’re not only useful and good for your body, but they also help relieve stress. Hitting the punching bag releases some of the accumulated stress and it also makes you feel cool. Win-win.

Let’s see what the characteristics of a good punching bag are. Depending on your weight and strength, the ideal bag weight will differ, but in most cases, the bag should ideally weight around 70 to 80 pounds. This should provide you with enough weight to foster your progress, while at the same time making sure that the bungee cord isn’t overloaded. A bungee cord allows you to tie the punching bag, as long as the weight isn’t too much for the source to which the bag is tied to. So, it is important to get a punching bag with a bungee cord with high weight capacity.

hand with boxing glove hitting a punching bag
Punching bags are usually very useful, but you shouldn’t get just any bag.

Finally, if you have a great punching bag, you’ll also be able to customize it based on height. Some bags come with one predetermined height only, but this height could cause problems for you. Make sure that you’re getting a punching bag that will suit your height.

3. Dumbbells

Of course, no list of the best home gym equipment can go without dumbbells. One commodity that we have today that people who worked out in the past didn’t have – are adjustable dumbbells. Back in the day, you’d have to buy new dumbbells every time you needed to change the weight. Becoming stronger also involved expenses in the form of heavier dumbbells, and if you had to transport your workout equipment, that wasn’t so easy to do thanks to the sheer amount of gear.

Not today, though. Getting adjustable dumbbells, that will allow you to easily change the weight, is a must practically for any home gym. Taking into consideration that your strength might considerably increase over time, getting adjustable dumbbells that can weigh from about 5 to about 50 pounds is highly recommended.

Another commodity that good dumbbells bring comes in the form of a comfort grip that’s designed with contour molding. This means that, even if you’re working out in a crunch position or you’re laying on your back, you can always easily hold the dumbbells. As the molding is also situated in-between the weights, this eliminates the annoying clanking of the metal that’s often experienced when working out with dumbbells. High-quality dumbbells are pleasant to use and also very useful – coupled with the right classes, that is.

4. Pull-up bars

Being such a popular form of exercise, pull-ups are often a very important part of one’s training regime. However, just doing a lot of pull-ups is not enough – you also have to do them the right way. Paying attention to your form as well as the quantity of pull-ups that you do is very important. 

Father helps is son on a pull-up bar inside his house
You can do pull-ups the old-fashioned way as well, but pull-up bars can certainly ease the exercise, while allowing you to retain the same results

That’s when pull-up bars come into play. Using such gear means that your form will be good as well, maximizing the amount of gain you receive through doing the exercise correctly. Rubber grips that are designed in an anti-slip manner make sure that the bars remain firmly in place, regardless of the surface where they’re placed at. Handles are padded with foam, making sure that your hands remain firmly in place as well.

What’s more, even the best pull-up bars are very affordable, and they also take up very little space. 

5. Rowing machine

We’ll conclude our list of the best home gym equipment with one very useful machine. Namely, a rowing machine is so useful because it allows you to train a lot of muscle groups at the same time. Back, arms, thighs, calves – all of these are affected at the same time while working out by using one machine only. While it is true that excellent rowing machines are somewhat expensive, being so useful, they are an investment worth making.

Good rowing machines also come with real-time information on the number of calories you’ve burnt, etc. They can also be disassembled into two or more parts. This is convenient because rowing machines are very heavy. If you had to transport them somewhere, doing so all in one piece would be hard to pull-off. What’s more, these machines also take up a lot of space, so disassembling them could prove to be very useful indeed.



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