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triceps reflex exercise

triceps reflex

Triceps reflex

The triceps reflex, a deep tendon reflex, is a reflex because it causes the triceps brachii muscle to contract involuntarily. It is started by the cervical spinal nerve’s nerve root number seven (of the neck area) (the small segment of the nerve that emerges from the spinal cord). [1] To evaluate the sensory and motor pathways inside the C7 and C8 spinal nerves, the reflex is put to the test as part of the neurological examination. Read m0re


The test can be carried out by dangling the forearm loosely at a right angle to the arm and tapping the triceps tendon[3][note 1] with the sharp end of a reflex hammer. A typical reflex is demonstrated by the triceps’ rapid extension after a sudden contraction[note 2].

Reflex arc

The stretch receptors in the triceps tendon are involved in the arc, from which the information flows to the spinal cord via the C7/C8 nerve root and the motor signal for contraction returns via the radial nerve.

Test indicators

Absence of a reflex (areflexia): It is crucial to attempt again with reinforcement if no reflex is elicited, this time having the patient clench their teeth as the reflex hammer is being applied.

A probable upper motor neuron lesion is indicated by hyper-reflexia (a reaction that is significantly bigger than what is deemed normal).

lack of reflex

A lack of reflex can be a sign of a number of illnesses, including poliomyelitis, myopathy, neuropathy, spondylosis, sensory nerve disease, neuritis, and sensory nerve disease.

Inconsistent reflexes might also result from other medical conditions including hyperthyroidism.

What is the triceps reflex and how could it be assessed?

By physically striking the triceps tendon with a hammer while holding the patient’s arm with the other hand, the triceps reaction is measured. Compare your results to those of the opposite arm. The C6 and C7 nerve roots, particularly the C7 nerve root, mediate the triceps reflex. See more

Where is the tricep reflex?

triseptal reflex (C7-C8) Tap the triceps tendon just proximal to the elbow with a reflex hammer while the elbow is in flexion. For this move, the arm could also be abducted at the shoulder. The triceps muscle ought to contract reflexively (elbow extension).

Is the triceps reflex a stretch reflexs?

Sometimes people refer to them as “muscle stretch reflexes.” Bicep, brachioradialis, triceps, patellar, and ankle are the five main deep tendon reflexes. Each reflex assesses the health of the corresponding root and nerve, as well as a specific muscle.

How do we assess the triceps tendon reflex quizlet?

the patient’s arm is bent at the elbow and placed in front of the patient’s chest. The examiner supports the arm and feels 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 in) above the elbow to locate the triceps tendon. the elbow is extended and the triceps muscle is contracted.

What is the function of the triceps?

The triceps muscle holds the humeral head in the glenoid cavity while the arm is abducted. The humerus won’t move as a result of this action. The shoulder joint’s extension and abduction are also made easier by the long head.

What is the biceps reflex response?

Forearm flexion caused by the biceps reflex. If the tap on the brachioradialis tendon triggers the biceps reflex, you will feel the biceps tendon contract. Flexion of the fingers: a finger jerk.

What are the 6 deep tendon reflexes?

Biceps, brachioradialis, rear arm muscles, patellar, and lower leg are the five principal profound ligament reflexes. Click here

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